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'We don’t just want to protect the

environment.  We want to create a world in which the environment doesn’t need protecting.’



'We are all connected to the Ocean. Without a healthy ocean, no life, not even on land, can exist.'

                   (Jean-Michel Cousteau)

Forest Trees
Manta Ray
Beach at Sunset

About Us

As part of the Anglican Church's Eco Church initiative, our team has joined the movement to save our planet, with a particular focus on plastic pollution, with the following aims

  • to raise awareness of the issues affecting the environment, by sharing information and ideas with people in our immediate vicinity, and

  • to explore and encourage support for practical efforts to protect our environment as and when we come across them, or indeed to create such opportunities ourselves. 

With each plastic bag we don't use, each plastic straw we refuse, each conversation we have with someone who isn't convinced about the problems the planet faces, you and I too can make a difference.


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